The Way Up is a poetic interpretation of how it is to strive in life. I have intentionally left out the sound effect and let the music and the scenery express itself. The art style is like someone have just drawn it on a piece of paper. Like planning something. I have pretty much done the game by myself. Except the music. Which is delivered by my for now standard musician: Joshua McLean. And I am not an artist. But maybe one day I get there. I like more for the game. But this is it for now. Happy playing it :)

There is 11 levels to play.

Oh yes this is a game for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 92. The theme is "One Direction".

Space - for jump and start game
Escape - for restart and quit

Huy Xuan Ngo
Joshua McLean for the music.


Week92 - The Way Up - Windows 22 MB
Week92 - The Way Up - Mac OS 22 MB
Week92 - The Way Up - Linux 22 MB


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Thx, Josh for the early review. Always appreciate your review :)

The jumps and the animation felt so solid to me. I also really like the aesthetic of it.


Nice game. Liked how several levels in other people started spawning as obstacles. Don't really understand why there were multiple end doors for each level. The run animation was pretty smooth except for a few jerky points, though if you were going for a hand drawn feel it would have made more sense to draw each frame by hand.

Thx. The multiple doors were there so you couldn't get all the rings if you enter a door too early. I kinda were mix if too make it as a puzzle game. Where you have to get all the rings to proceed. But they are there now to signal kinda multiple choices in life.