This is my entry for Weekly Game Jam week88. The theme is "Crazy Date". After some consideration I call my game for "Date Fever". This is not a full game, and many ways to proceed to a full game from this idea is possible. 

Basically this is a sliding puzzle game. I suggest to beginner begin the game in difficulty 1-3.

Jumping person - person in correct position.
Person with heart - "in love" can swap position. Cure return to correct position.
Love counter - when next to make a random person "in love".
Speed up button - speed the game and not least the counter up. Making someone "in love" can be a tactic. Because they can swap. This is good at the end of the game.

Controls: Use the mouse.

Programmer: Huy Xuan Ngo
Sounds and Graphics:
Music: Joshua McLean

Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International


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Love the music!

This game looks and sounds so cool but Im confused as to how to play it

Try difficulty level 1. The game is a sliding game. Reposition the boys and girls to the respective numbers. Some obstacles comes when the characters comes in love. Then they move around to irritate you. You can stop this by reposition the character to its numbers. Two adjacent couples in love remove the in love spells too. This is good for going.

Its a good idea to reposion in reverse order. Start with the bottom row with number 31 first. The idea is to build rows and rows of numbers to the top.